There’s no denying fact that men are a tad superficial in nature since they tend to focus more on the physical attributes of a possible female mate. So, what are these physical attributes they desire for every woman?

Wider hips emphasizing their narrow waists, big lips, flawless skin, shiny hair etc., indicates timeless and irresistible youth. But according to surveys, men today are attracted to these women’s body parts:


Can’t you still believe it? Most probably, you assume that the top list is either bust or butt. But as per Cosmopolitan magazine survey, men chose this body part as the most attractive since no matter what their preference is, they can be easily disarmed by just a sexy and seductive glance.

Bigger and firmer breasts

Breasts are the most eye-catching and wonderful body part of women which sexually attracts men. You should know that they naturally love this part. To be more specific, men are more intrigued by its firmness than its size. Based on a research conducted last 2004 by Proceedings of the Royal Society B., ladies with larger breasts are said to have higher estradiol level. It simply means that girls with bigger and firmer breast are the most fertile and youthful.


For those women who don’t have chests, they can make it up through having big butts. But you don’t need to freak out because surveys say that men could be satisfied no matter what size and shape of your bottom. Therefore, there is someone for every butt out there.


Dubbed as a powerful asset of Eva’s clan, a smile can make millions of men fall in a struck. Not all men out there can resist a woman’s smile. Lots of men found out that they are fascinated by their smile because it indicates their ability to make them happy.


Not sure how to look more appealing? Get your lipstick and make your lips plumper and fuller. Surely, men down the road will turn their heads on you.


For you to impress boys, you need to flaunt your hips. This will tell men that you got the sexy moves they’ve been yearning for. Studies showed that most men opt for women who have curvier hips. Why? This implies that a woman performs better between the sheets.


One thing men seek from a woman is their fit body. Actually, this body part has been mention always as one of the sexiest parts they love about girls. They particularly love the skin’s softness of women. Men want to see and feel a bit of feminine curve.


While they aren’t typically the very first thing which comes to their mind once ‘sexy’ is mentioned, but they are still placed as one major turn on. As a matter of fact, some men are aroused by just seeing girls in heels. Small ankles also appeal to them.

Needless to say, each man has their own list when hunting for their lifetime partner, hookup, etc. But it seems like that most men wouldn’t disagree with the above-mentioned list.

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