From the moment Hugh Hefner launched the first Playboy magazine (American edition) in 1953, lots of celebrities have been on its cover.  Let’s look back at the list of the most popular women, filled with supermodels, movie icons, TV stars etc., who graced the iconic cover magazine of Playboy.

Geri Halliwell (1998 cover)

It is not an unusual thing for this Spice Girls singer to pose nude photos during her pre-band days.  However, when it appeared in the 8-page magazine, it is difficult to say if it can inspire you or distract you.

Carmen Electra

She made it on the cover not only once but thrice. Her regular appearance on it greatly helped her build a good modeling career.

Kate Moss (2013 cover)

This Supermodel doesn’t hesitate to strike a pose for Playboy. During this moment, she was rejoicing magazine’s 60th birthday.

Anna Farris (2008)

If you think Anna can’t get down and dirty for the magazine shoot, then better think again because she already did! Although not literally, her cover mainly promotes her film The House Bunny.

Elle Macpherson (1994)

Wanna know how Macpherson got her nickname of “The Body”? She just showed it off the cover while wearing pantyhose in 1994. Her pose was known to be a tribute to Brigitte Bardot from 1960s

Drew Barrymore (1995)

At the age of 19, Drew courageously posed for the magazine. Just like other rock stars out there, she also experienced the ups and downs of life. Right now, she is one of the bankable celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan (2012)

Can you still remember the movie Mean Girls? Well, Lindsay Lohan proved that a mean girl wouldn’t remain a mean girl as she revealed her nice side (and curves too) on her December/January 2012 cover pose.

Karina Smirnoff

This actress doesn’t mind showing some skin through her revealing costumes. However, this star of Dancing with the Star still surprised her fans with her magazine appearance and nude photos.

Kim Kardashian (2007)

No one is surprised when Kim Kardashian posed sexily to the December 2007 issue of the magazine. Of all the extreme things in her entire life, this has been forgotten entirely. Compared to other celebrities out there, Kim who appeared 10 years ago is really proud of her sexy photos for Playboy. As a matter of fact, she even posted photos from the shoot on her app and site last year. She even stated “Aww I look like a baby. LoL!”

Cindy Crawford

Girl next door and sex goddess. These are the nicknames of Cindy Crawford when she posed for the July 1988, October 1988 and May 1996 issue of the magazine. What she did was unexpected since she has a wholesome background and innocent personality.

These are some of the famous women who have posed for Playboy. They have either an award-winning career, wholesome public image or seem to be passed of their modeling career. Don’t deny it. Seeing them in this list blew your soul away in a sexy and seductive way, isn’t it?

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