The best gif categories in porn

One of the best things to ever happen to porn – besides the internet – has been animated GIFS images. These easy to view and share animated bitmap images have changed the way content is shared on the web. Combined together with mobile devices, computers and social media, porn gifs have been a game changer. For years, people who wanted to view live action footage of adult content had to do so via videos. Viewing videos was the only way they could see movement. The problem with videos is how long most of them are.

The vast majority of porn videos are typically a few minutes to an hour long. Viewing them online can be a hassle for those who have limited bandwidth. The same for those who don’t have high speed internet. In many cases, the videos would buffer for a long time as it loaded. If that wasn’t bad enough, you also had to deal with time and space. Downloading a video can take a long time to do, depending on your internet speed. In addition, videos take a huge chunk of space on your device. Besides these issues, you would also have to watch the video in order to get to the best part you wanted to see.

Alas, GIF images have changed all of that and made internet porn easier to view, download and share. Now, the only problem people who view adult material or want to see some have, is deciding what type to view. There are presently hundreds of different categories in porn to look at. You can spend a long time trying to find out exactly which category is the best. More so when you are trying to find out which genre contains the best animated GIF category.

While there are dozens of different types of porn categories, some are more popular than others. The top animated GIF categories are listed below by popularity and user search data statistics.

Lesbian GIFS – There is something about two women sucking and licking each other that makes any man or woman get excited. Lesbian porn gifs are at the top in porn categories. You can choose to see lesbian GIFS images dealing with double penetration or a woman licking another. Some people enjoy two hot women sucking on the other’s tits. Or one with a strap-on fucking a girl from behind or front.

Cumshot GIFS – One of the main reasons people watch porn is to masturbate. After all, coming is the end result for having sex or playing with yourself. That may explain why cumshot Gifs are very popular. You can see some of a woman getting her face full of cum. Or there are some where the man pulls out and jacks off on the girl’s ass, pussy or tits. Cumshot GIFS come – no pun intended – in all different variations.

MILF GIFS – Mature women or MILFS are at the top of the best GIFS categories. Users enjoy looking at older women who are hot and sexy. MILF gif images can be found in almost every adult site you visit. Besides milf sex GIFS, there is a genre within it. You can see big tits milfs, step mom, anal, cheating and ebony MILF gifs. In addition, there are several other types of milf GIF images to see.

Hentai GIFS – A lot of people are surprised to know that Japanese hentai GIFS are at the top of the list. But the reality is that a huge chunk of people enjoy erotic and sizzling hentai porn GIFS. Even though these are anime characters, users love seeing them. Perhaps it is because the girls depicted in hentai gifs images are so hot and sultry. Or that there are no limitations to what type of sex you can see in an animated hentai GIF image.

Black or Ebony – It appears that people not only like their coffee black, they also enjoy black GIFS or ebony animated GIF images. Either black or ebony sex GIFS are popular with tons of users who enjoy viewing them. They could be sex GIFS of a beautiful ebony girl with a huge ass. Or a black man with a big black cock. There are also combinations where a black girl may be with a white man in an animated sex GIF. You also have some where the white girls are fucked hard by an ebony man with a huge big black dick.

BBW GIFS – Internet porn viewers are into big beautiful women and skinny is out. The BBW is one of the most popular categories when it comes to sex gifs. In many of these BBW GIFS, you can see big women with huge tits and great asses. Some of them also take on big cocks or suck on them. There are several side genres to the BBW GIFS such as BBW wife, BBW girlfriends and others.